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Welcome to Spence & Co.,


We have heen dedicated to serving the maritime industry for more than 4 decades….


Our main “ Motto ” is to satisfy the Master’s / Crew’s of the Vessel by supplying the Best possible available stores.


We keep in mind that the vessel is sailing on waters. In the eventuality if the vessel is in dire need of stores in middle of sea to survive, they cannot get it even if they pay double the cost. So we make sure to supply all their ordered stores with proper packing to minimise the damage in long storing.


  • Spence & Co., is committed to Service Excellence - we have proved our uncompromising adherence to quality and service.
  • Management takes full control on the turn around time of enquiries.
  • A wide range of Provisions and Bonded stores to suite every taste and nationality.
  • Continuous service 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Reliable and Prompt Services.
  • Quality and Competitive prices.
  • Specialist at difficult ports.


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  We have our own Freezer Vehicle to speed up delivery of supplies on board.


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